Schroeder offers hardwood options that vary in wood species, finishes and widths. Our knowledgeable team can help you select the perfect wood for your lifestyle and budget.

Below is just a small selection of a much larger hardwood selection in our showroom.


Mirage offers a wide selection of wood that is both high quality and long lasting. Mirage is produced in North America from only the finest quality hardwood and comes from certified, responsibly managed forests and uses a finish free of VOCs and formaldehyde. Many of our clients choose Mirage because it is made in North America and provides beautiful, durable and long-lasting floors.

*This is a small sample of Schroeder’s offerings.

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Provenza offers a beautiful collection of wood floors that are exceptional in detail, craftsmanship and rich in color and finish. Each board is finished by hand to ensure quality. The floors have a polyurethane finish that ensures many years of use and only requires simple care such as dusting, sweeping or vacuuming. Clients enjoy Provenza hardwood floors because of their high durability and ease of care.

*This is a small sample of Schroeder’s offerings.

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Castle Combe

US Floors’ Castle Combe creates high quality wood flooring that uses natural finishes to preserve the original beauty of the wood. While artificial finishes create a plastic film on the wood’s surface, US Floors’ natural oils penetrate the wood, hardening the fibers and creating an elegant patina. Both of the woods enhance with age; the more they are walked on, the more beautiful they become. USFloors operates under green business practices and uses natural oils that emit zero VOCs and harsh chemical scents. Our clients enjoy Castle Combe floors because of their distinctive antique look from the oils that bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

*This is a small sample of Schroeder’s offerings.


Hill Country Innovations

Hill Country Innovations offer a variety of lines including Canyon Creek, Monterey, Paseo and the Olde World Collection. Each of these lines provide a distinct look for your home. The Paseo Collection captures the essence of the hottest trends in hardwood while the Olde World Collection provides unique and timeless finishes. Clients enjoy Hill Country Innovation’s wood because of its reasonable price and array of color and finish options.

*This is a small sample of Schroeder’s offerings.

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