Rock n Roll (design) Style in Austin

In Austin we are well-known for our music festivals such as South by Southwest (SxSW) and Austin City Limits (ACL) but we are also known for our cool sense of style. Some would say, a rock n roll style. Rock n roll style can be described in many ways from loud and fast, to bold and crazy, to edgy and unique. One our partners, Butter Lutz Interiors, does a beautiful job of creating beautiful spaces that blend sophistication with a little bit of rock n roll.


Rock n roll look #1 (ZZ Top)


Modern Home Office design by Austin’s Butter Lutz Interiors


This rock n roll look features beautiful floors hard-wax floors that mix dark and light tones, and create a warm but stylish look. The hardwood floors are designed to reflect the styles found in Europe centuries ago. They are environmentally friendly, using renewable forest resources and are finished with hard-wax oil that is all natural, non-pollutant, non-toxic, contain zero VOCs, no biocides, no preservatives and are benzene-free. These hardwood floors are available at Schroeder.

Rock n roll look #2 (Creedence Clearwater Revival)


This rock n roll look features edgy yet modern wallpaper that will add flair to any room. Today’s wallpaper selection features bold patterns, bright colors and unique color combinations. From purple flamingos to metallic trees, wallpaper creates a subtle background or a bold addition. More importantly though, it can  allow you to express your unique inner expression. Schroeder offers a wide range of wallpaper selections including the wallpaper above.