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Stair runner: is it right for you?

Many people who have hardwood floors with staircases at some point ask, do I need a stair runner?

For some, a stair runner is a solution to a practical problem. Many customers call to say they have a child that is starting to walk and they are worried they may fall on (or even down) the stairs. Others are concerned about slipping on the wood while going down the stairs or the noise caused by shoes when going up and down stairs.  For all of these concerns, a stair runner is a great solution. Yes, a stair runner is a great way to muffle the sounds and soften wood stairs.

For others, a stair runner is a solution to an aesthetic problem. Some people, just don’t like bare stairs. A stair runners only purpose can be that it warms up the space. Plain wood stairs can be cold and stark. A stair runner can be like eye candy in a living room, a focal point in a hallway and an attention-getter in the foyer.

Stair runners can be practical, fun, whimsical, sophisticated, brazen and beautiful. Schroeder makes custom stair runners. You want wool or nylon? Pink or blue? Flowers or stripes? We have it all AND anything is possible. Take a look at some of the past stair runners we have done for our wonderful clients. Each of these were custom made for the client and installed by our professional team. Enjoy!




Staircase Rug


Staircase Rug from Schroeder Carpet






flatweave stairs 1








Shroeder Stair Runner new-14





Most of the photos above were taken by Trent Lee Photography, some with an iPhone. Schroeder is located near downtown Austin just south of Barton Springs. Call us to make an appointment. Let us help you create a fabulous looking set of stairs!!



New Arrival: Contemporary Designs from Tuftex

New Arrival! Schroeder just received new designs from Tuftex’s new collection. These beautiful designs are modern and contemporary and would work well in many spaces! The new color palettes for each of the designs feature softer hues of gray, beige, blue, green, pink, white, yellow and more. The new styles can be installed wall-to-wall or made into an area rug. The carpet is 100% nylon and stands up well to foot traffic. This product works well for a highly active family.

Call us and make an appointment so that you can see these great designs today!

Taza: a Moroccan quatrefoil design


Only Natural: a classic herringbone


Tracery: a honeycomb design


Schroeder is located near downtown Austin and Barton Springs Road. We do accept walk-ins but we highly suggest that you make an appointment. Making an appointment ensures that we give you our undivided attention. Call us today!

Tile selection is by appointment only.

Sneak Peek: Traditional home in Austin, Texas

We will be taking photos of this beautiful traditional home soon, but for now, enjoy this sneak peek of elegant carpet and installation!

This beautiful custom stair is a 100% wool Couristan. The traditional lattice design is perfect for a staircase.


This custom area rug is a Couristan wool flat weave. The modern red, beige and off-white stripes in this carpet mixes perfectly with the traditional green and white bedspread and plaid couch cover. The custom red serging on the area rug is the perfect touch.



STARK Carpet’s Beatrice in White and Blue is perfect for a child’s room or any room. This STARK carpet was made into a custom area rug that measured the whole floor of the room.


Isn’t this stair runner stunning? This wool tiger print carpet is the PERFECT pattern for a staircase.The owner had a hallway runner custom made from the wool tiger print carpet when she lived out-of-state.  When she moved to Austin, she called Schroeder because she wanted to find the exact same carpet to make a stair runner. Schroeder was able to locate this fantastic carpet and make a custom stair runner for her.




This cute little doggy was so cute, we had to get a photo of her!


The blue striped wool carpet from Couristan was used in a boy’s bedroom. This carpet has colors that coordinate with yellow and red.


This green STARK carpet looks great in a traditional home. Wait to see you the whole room!



Schroeder is located in Austin near Barton Spring Road and Downtown. Schroeder provides carpet, hardwood floors, wallpaper, tile and custom area rugs. Give us a call today and make an appointment today!

South Austin Condo: Mid-century modern with a twist of color

Martini anyone? This beautiful condo in South Austin is a mid-century vision with a twist of color. We loved this condo so much, it’s featured in our ad for Austin Home magazine’s fall edition. With the help of our favorite photographer Trent Lee Photography, we were able to capture a beautiful home that features warm walnut hardwoods, custom area rugs, Hunter Douglas shades and a metal mosaic backsplash.


Master Bedroom 

The master bedroom features warm walnut hardwood floors. These gorgeous floors have a hint of carmel and honey and convey a sense of strength and comfort. The owners had a custom area rug made for the master bedroom. They chose a neutral colored basket weave that perfectly fits the room’s design aesthetic!





Living Room

The living room features the same warm walnut hardwood floors as the master bedroom. The owners chose to custom make an olive colored shag area rug. Custom area rugs may not be as expensive as you think. By choosing the perfect color and size, you are able to create the prefect space.






This is one of our all time favorites. Just look at how stunning this kitchen is! The hardwood floors are walnut and the custom cabinets are pecan. (Cabinets were not done by Schroeder.) But what really makes this kitchen is the metal mosaic back splash. The back splash gives the kitchen a sleek modern look. But the walnut and pecan warm the space giving it an inviting and appealing look. Below is a close-up of the back splash.


Close-up of the metal back splash. Notice that the white grout adds a little pop to the sleek metal. How could you not want this?

L1070714 L1070718


Outdoor Patio

Originally, the outdoor patio had cement floors. With the help of Schroeder, the owners chose 12×24 porcelain tile with a sisal like look and texture. The result was fantastic. This outdoor living space and patio is now the perfect space for entertaining friends while watching a football or baseball game – or even 4th of July fireworks! Martini anyone?




Sneak Peek: South Austin Condo

We wanted to give you a sneak peak at this beautiful South Austin condo that will be photographed tomorrow by Trent Lee Photography. The residents chose modern and classy elements that give the residence a clean look. We will post the photo shoot next week. For now, please enjoy our sneak peak!






L1070728 copy




BOMAT Collection is Here!

Schroeder is very excited to introduce the BOMAT Collection to Austin and Central Texas. This Belgian line of beautiful and luxurious area rugs and carpet are like none of you have seen or felt.


 Aberdeen1 Aberdeen2

Aberdeen is made of 100% cotton. This handsome carpet can be installed wall-to-wall of made into a custom area rug. Because it is made of cotton, a natural fiber, it is ideal for use in the bathroom, perhaps as a rug near the vanity, or a mat for the tub or shower. Anything is possible!


ascot3 ascot2 ascot1

Ascot is a fun and silk like rug. With a soft texture and some wild colors, Ascot can be a serious or fun touch to a room.


bristol1 bristol2

Bristol is a dense pile that is medium high. Made of 100% pure New Zealand wool, this carpet is a thick felt yarn with a fine twist. It can be installed wall-to-wall of made into a custom area rug, perfect for ANY room in yoru house. The natural wool fibers can be used around small children and pets because it is easy to clean (compared to some synthetic materials.)



cornboo cornboo2

Cornboo is 100% bamboo and looks and feels like soft cloud. The rug was a slight sheen to it and comes in a variety of colors. Imagine a soft and luxurious rug like this underneath your feet! Bamboo is a hypo-allergenic material.



gems1 gems2

Gems is a funky carpet made of polyester yarns. It is a handwoven long pile and is perfect for a contemporary interior in your home or office.



pucon1 pucon2

Pucon is a fine short pile rug that has a great sheen look to it. The refined silky look can be made into custom are rugs.



andrews2 anderws1

St. Andrews is a handwoven carpet made of pure wool. It offers a unique and extremely refined tweed look. This beautiful carpet can be made into a custom area rug for installed wall-to-wall.



All photos are from Bomat.

Schroeder is located near downtown Austin on South Lamar. We offer a variety of flooring options including carpet, hardwood, tile and more. We accept walk-ins though we suggest that you make an appointment so that we can give you the attention needed to help you with your design needs.

Carpet Bling! New Rosecore Arrival

We have carpet bling! Schroeder has just received Rosecore’s new Mesa Luna collection and it is beautiful. This new collection is a flatweave made of wool and a metallic polyester weave. This combination is great because it ensures that any spills can be easily cleaned! The new collection comes in seven colors: indigo, golden wheat, navajo, parchment, silver, sky and smoke. This carpet comes 15 feet wide and can be installed wall-to-wall or made into a custom area rug or staircase runner. Come by Schroeder today to learn about this beautiful carpet and how it can be installed in your house today.

Rosecore’s Mesa Luna comes in seven beautiful colors.

Come by Schroeder in Austin to learn how this flatweave would be prefect for your house as a wall-to-wall installation, as a custom area rug or as a staircase runner.

photo (2)

This is a closer look at Rosecore’s Mesa Luna collection.

The metallic material highlights the geometric design and allows for a fun addition to any room in your house.


Zebra Print (And in Unlikely Places!)

Animal prints have been a popular choice at Schroeder. One of the reasons is because animal prints can be a neutral design base for a room. Yes, animal prints can be neutral. The prints are typically a combination of neutral colors (such as beige, off white, brown, tan and black) with soft shapes (such as spots and stripes).

Zebra print in an excellent choice for a modern and neutral pattern. Most think that a zebra print is two colors: black and white. But there are many color combinations including gray and off white, beige and black, tan and brown, just to name a few. Below is an example of an off white and brown zebra print area rug that looks refreshing in a modern living room.

Off white and brown zebra print area rug in living room.


But zebra print is not just for living rooms. Below are two examples of zebra print used in a media rooms. Zebra is a great choice for a media room because the stripes create a busy design to mask any spills that might occur and as well as create a modern pattern that can set the tone for a classic hollywood or a black and white modern media room.

Zebra print in media room.


Have you ever thought about zebra print in child’s room? Zebra print can also make a great addition to a child’s room because the stripes can be a subtle addition to soft palettes of blue, pink, yellow or green. To find our more about zebra print, make an appointment or come by and see us!

Zebra print in a child’s room.


Stripe Mania!

Stripes are cool. Stripes are fun. Stripes are IN!

Striped carpet is a fun choice for any room in your house. Positioned in the correct way, stripes can make a room look longer or wider. It can be a classic or whimsical element in a space.

Most importantly, striped carpet can create a strong design base in a room. Below are a few examples of bold and colorful stripes. The vibrant colors ground the color scheme for the room, but also allow for the different design elements in the room to stand out. You can choose one color in the set of stripes to play off of to give the room a rich design that has depth and warmth. This can be seen in the three room scenes below. Of course you can install the carpet wall-to-wall or create a large custom area rug.

The striped carpets below are available at Schroeder. Make an appointment today!

Staircases: Creating a Stair Runner That’s For You!

If you have a wood staircase, chances are you have considered a stair runner. A runner on a wood staircase can help you avoid potential slips and falls that can occur on smooth bare wood. For families with small children, it’s an excellent way to help child-safe stairs. A runner on a wood staircase can also add warmth and character to a space. Additionally, a runner can help muffle noises that wood stairs can cause.

The look and design:
Choosing the look and design of the carpet runner you will use for your staircase is the most exciting part of this process. You need to decide how you want your stair runner to look in comparison to the rest of your house. Runners can blend in with a space or they can be a bold statement.

Below are two examples of stair runners that blend in with the overall design aesthetic of the room. Each runner has a beautiful pattern, but does not compete with the other design elements.

staircase runner_Austin
Both photos are from Schroeder projects in Austin, Texas.

Sometimes it’s fun to be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone.  Below are two examples of runners that do just that. These runners in animal print and stripes are adventurous yet still offer a sophisticated look.

staircase runner_Austin2
(L) Schroeder project in Austin, Texas (R) Interior Design by Sage Design Studio Inc., photo by Leslie Goodwin Photography on Houzz
The feel:

Besides deciding on the look and design of the carpet, you also need to decide on the feel, or the material of the carpet. Because you are creating your own stair runner, you can choose from many types materials. Carpets range from synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropylene to natural fibers such as wool and sisal. Of course there are many blends of natural and synthetic materials to choose from as well. Carpet made of synthetic materials like nylon and polypropylene can offer stain protection such as Stainmaster that will allow for easier cleaning and maintenance. These can be ideal if the staircase has a lot of foot traffic. A more natural fiber such as wool, can be extremely strong and durable and have a long lifetime. An alternative material commonly used is sisal, a natural grass that offers an organic look and feel but can be just as durable.

The odds and ends: to serging or binding and carpet application:

After you have chosen the carpet for your stair runner, you will need to decide what you will do with the edges of the carpet. Typically there are two options: serging and binding. Serging is taking yarn or a thick thread and wrapping the edge of the rug. Binding is taking a material (cotton, linen, leather or a mix) and sandwiching the edge. This is typically done with sisal stair runners. Our staff at Schroeder can help you decide what method is best for you based on your material, budget and lifestyle.

Sisal stair runners with binding and serging.
(L) Sisal runner with binding: by The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design on Houzz
(R) Sisal runner with serging: by Thom Filicia Inc. on Houzz

Finally you will need to decide how you want the carpet runner attached to your wood stairs. Different methods include glueing carpet and tacking carpet to the wood. At Schroeder, we prefer to tack the carpet to the wood as it is the least invasive. Should you decide to remove or change your carpet stair runner after tacking it to the wood, you will only need to fill in the small tack holes left in the wood. Glueing the carpet could create severe damage to the wood if you remove the carpet later. Please note that decorative stair rods are just that: decorative. They do not serve a function because the carpet will already be tacked or glued to the wood. We have an assortment of stair rods to choose from.

Creating your own stair runner is exciting and fun. The staff at Schroeder will walk you through the process from choosing the design and material to installation of the runner. Make an appointment today and see what a difference a stair runner can make!