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Family Home with a splash of glam!

This house, filled with three young children, is a perfect example of how a family home can still be glamorous. You can see the the touches of glam in every room – rich stones on the fireplace, classic navy blue ceramic tile with brass finishes and gorgeous tile choices in the master bathroom.

The interior of the house was designed by Annie Downing Interiors & Decoration.

This living room fireplace features a stunning herringbone pattern in stone. The material is from Walker Zanger‘s Helsinki Collection in Silver Dusk.


Claire Ave-5


Claire Ave-6


Claire Ave-8


This little girl’s room features Hibou Home‘s Gymkhana wallpaper. This equestrian themed wallcovering with silhouettes of jumping horses and riders, is perfect for a girl that loves horses! The stunning print will give any room a hint of individuality.


Claire Ave-10


The boy’s room features Cole & Son’s Hick’s Grand in blue. This bold, large scale design works well for many different rooms besides a boy’s room. The design would also work well in a library, a bedroom, a hallway and really anywhere!


Claire Ave-12


The master bathroom is simply gorgeous. The natural stone in a herringbone pattern on the floor to the soft gray ceramic tile on the wall, gives this bathroom a jewel-like feel. Isn’t it fabulous?


Claire Ave-16



The boy’s bathroom has a nautical twist to it. The blue ceramic tile is both on the floor and on the wall. The bath and shower features beveled white subway tile and the fixtures have a brass or gold finish.


Claire Ave-14


Claire Ave-15


Claire Ave-13


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Photos by our favorite photographer, Trent Lee Photography.

Barton Creek West master bathroom: tile, tile and more tile!

We love the photos of the bathrooms at our Barton Creek West project. Partnering with Van Wicklen Design, Schroeder was able to help create beautiful bathrooms that exude luxury and elegance!


This master bathroom showcases limestone on the walls and breathtaking ceramic wood-like tile on the floor. Below, the photos feature a beautiful mother-of-pearl backsplash that adds an element of luxury to the room.

Schroeder-86 copy

Schroeder-83 copy









































Schroeder-90 copy





















Schroeder-91 copy














Schroeder-93 copy















Schroeder-94 copy



















A Beautiful Home in Barton Creek West

Schroeder is excited to share with you photos from a recent photo shoot. There are so many photos we will be sharing them with you in the next few posts.

The photos below are our favorite ones from a beautiful home in Barton Creek West. It was designed by one our partner’s Jeanette Van Wicklen of Van Wicklen Design and built by one of our partners Frontera Builders.  The photos are by Trent Lee Photography.


Schroeder-36 copy Schroeder-76 copy

Schroeder-7 copy

Schroeder-23 copy

Schroeder-70 copy

Schroeder-86 copy

Schroeder & Luxe Magazine

Schroeder was cited in the Fall edition of Luxe magazine’s Austin + Hill Country edition. This beautiful home was built and designed by Schroeder’s partners Butterfield Custom Homes and ButterLutz Interiors.

The floors in the beautiful Austin home were sourced through Schroeder. These include the oiled oak hardwood floors seen in the dining and living room and kitchen, the neutral waffle-like carpet in the master bedroom and the vein-cut travertine in the master bathroom. Enjoy!

Austin Cover

ButterLutzHomev2 2


ButterLutzHomev2 3 

ButterLutzHomev2 5

A Custom Retreat in Lakeway, Texas

This beautiful custom home in Lakeway, Texas was designed by Jeanette Van Wicklen of JVW Design.

Schroeder partnered with Jeanette to provide high-quality materials that made this retreat a treat for the eyes!


Main Living Room: the floors are 10×20 inch tile in the living room in Marazzi Just Oro porcelain tile.

pic4 pic5 pic6


Kitchen: the kitchen backsplash is mugat vanilla glass 4×8 beveled subway tile and the floors are 10×20 inch Marazzi Just Oro porcelain tile.

pic7 pic8

Bathroom: the warm wallpaper is Seabrook’s Eastern Exposure grass cloth. The hardwood is hickory in color Warm Sunset.

pic9 pic10


Master bedroom: These beautiful wood floors are oak in color Driftwood.





Master bathroom: the floor and tub surround are 12×24 are Timeless Calcutta Pearl porcelain tiles made to look like Calcutta marble tile.



Guest Bedroom: this carpet seen below is Tuftex’s Charming loop nylon carpet in color Barley Green.



Bathroom: this fantastic looking bathroom floor is a natural cream pebble. The tub surround is 12×24 white tiled and the backsplash is 1×1 glass squares.


pic16 pic17

Bathroom: you can just see a hint of this wonderful bathroom floor that is made of ceramic matte white pennyrounds.



Playroom: the rich and warm hues of this hardwood are hickory.


Inspiration: Blue and Cream

We love this space! We worked with interior designer Charlotte Carothers of Charlotte Carothers Interiors to provide this sumptuous and elegant sisal area rug for a house in central Austin. (Please see this earlier blog post to see more photos of the project.)

This photo, filled with elegant and rich hues of blue and cream, inspired us to look for more products in our showroom that evoke the feeling of calm beauty and rich design.



1) Photo by Trent Lee Photography, design by Charlotte Carothers, sisal area rug by Schroeder

2) This Millikan carpet reminded us of the blue drapes in the main photo. The broadloom carpet, available at Schroeder, is a 100% nylon tufted, pinpoint saxony. It has a Lifetime Soil and Stain warranty from Stainmaster . This beautiful carpet is prefect for any home including ones with small children and pets! This pattern would be fun in a master bedroom, a living room or even a dining room.

3) The rich, dark hardwood by Provenza is an excellent addition to any room in your house. “It consists of wire brushed, hand distressed and scraped, in combination with an innovative technique of smoking and carbonizing to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your home.” (a)

4) The Rosecore light blue woven wilton brings a little bling into your home.This flat weave is made of wool and polyester and comes 15 feet wide, which means it can be installed wall-to-wall or made into a custom area rug. The polyester weave gives the carpet a little bling and allows for the carpet to be easily cleaned and cared for.

5) This photo does not give justice to the rich look and feel of the New Franco Belge linen flat weave seen above in color netural. This elegant flat weave give off a pearl-lustre look that is just too beautiful. We recommend that it be made into a custom are rug for your house or office. Because of the delicate nature of linen, it does require special care.


Schroeder is located near downtown Austin on South Lamar. We offer a variety of flooring options including carpet, hardwood, tile and more. We accept walk-ins though we suggest that you make an appointment so that we can give you the attention needed to help you with your design needs.

New Arrival: Neutral Flat Weaves

J.D. Staron’s Harcourt Collection has a new and beautiful set of flat weaves perfect for any room in the house. The neutral colors in Harcourt’s Mattise, Belize and Saroyan collection offers a variety of soft hues that create a calming atmosphere.

Mattise is a ribbed flat weave and 100% New Zealand Wool. It is 15′ wide and comes in 5 colors.

Belize is a flat weave and 100% linen. It is 15′ wide and comes in 6 colors.

Saroyan is a flat weave and 100% wool. It is 15′ wide and comes in 5 colors.





Schroeder is located near downtown Austin on South Lamar. We offer a variety of carpet brands including Tuftex, Fabrica, Kane, STARK, Helios and more. We accept walk-ins and appointments, but we highly suggest that you make an appointment with us so that we can give you 100% of our attention as we find the product(s) that best suits your needs.

Stripe Mania!

Stripes are cool. Stripes are fun. Stripes are IN!

Striped carpet is a fun choice for any room in your house. Positioned in the correct way, stripes can make a room look longer or wider. It can be a classic or whimsical element in a space.

Most importantly, striped carpet can create a strong design base in a room. Below are a few examples of bold and colorful stripes. The vibrant colors ground the color scheme for the room, but also allow for the different design elements in the room to stand out. You can choose one color in the set of stripes to play off of to give the room a rich design that has depth and warmth. This can be seen in the three room scenes below. Of course you can install the carpet wall-to-wall or create a large custom area rug.

The striped carpets below are available at Schroeder. Make an appointment today!

Schroeder and NARI’s 10th Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes

Schroeder partnered with a number of clients for this year’s NARI 10th Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes.

Schroeder worked with Realty Restoration to provide high quality materials for the Sundown House. The natural oil hardwood floors seen in the photo below are available through Schroeder. Natural oil hardwood floors are an excellent choice for those who want a warm but stylish look to their space. Clients love natural oil hardwood floors because they do not contain the glossy acrylic, polyurethane, and/or aluminumoxide that most hardwood floors have as a top layer. Instead, these floors are all natural with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and can hold up to an activity family with pets.

More information about this project can be found here.

At the Sundown House, tour participants will also see the Hadden-style wool canvas carpet that is available through Schroeder.

Schroeder also partnered with Realty Restoration for the Talbot House. The hardwood floors, seen in the photo below in the kitchen, and the natural stone materials for the walls and back splash are available at Schroeder.

More information about this project can be found here.

At the Talbot House, tour participants will also see the 24×36 inch travertine planks with inlay wood that decorate the living room floor. Additionally, participants will see in the master bath a beautiful ming green, metal and Italian ice mosaic. Schroeder can help you pick the materials and design that is right for you.

Schroeder also partnered with Sky West Builders for the Silver Mountain House. As seen in the picture below, Schroeder helped with the contemporary and colorful glass, tile and stone mosaic back splash for the kitchen. For most, the kitchen is where everyone gathers, therefore many clients like to use color in the kitchen to create a space with a sense of warmth.

More information about this project can be found here.

At the Silver Mountain House, tour participants will be able to see the wall to wall carpeting that is available through Schroeder. The neutral colored carpet is a high-end nylon that will be able to stand up to the wear and tear of an active family. Many of our clients choose a dense and think carpet for their bedrooms (such as the Silver Mountain House) because it provides a warm soft feeling that envelopes you are you enter the space.

NARI’s 10th Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes is on Saturday and Sunday, October 26th and 27th from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Click here for more information about the tour and tickets.

See you there!

Schroeder and the 26th Annual AIA Tour

Schroeder is looking forward to this year’s 26th Annual AIA Austin Homes Tour on October 6th and 7th.

Schroeder worked with Butterfield Custom Homes and Butter Lutz Interiors to provide the highest quality materials for this beautiful home that will be featured on the tour.

This home features natural oil finish hardwood floors which can be purchased at Schroeder. Natural oil finish hardwood floors provide warmth and sophistication to any room. Because these hardwood floors do not have a polyurethane finish, they do not contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and do not emit potentially harmful chemicals. These hardwood floors are great for families with children and animals because small scrapes will not be seen as easily as those with a glossy polyurethane finish. Clients love these floors for their beauty and their ability to withstand the normal wear and tear of life.

The taupe carpet, featured in the this photo, is available at Schroeder. The carpet is a STAINMASTER nylon and contains a sophisticated and modern square-like texture that adds a touch of warmth to the space. This type of carpet is easy to clean and exceptionally durable.

The vein-cut travertine floor seen in this master bathroom can be purchased at Schroeder. Travertine is a natural stone and provides character to any room. The material can be used as floors and walls as well as counter tops and more. The natural but modern look makes it a popular choice.

Who said wallpaper has to be like your grandmother’s? Today’s wallpaper selection includes contemporary, bold and fun styles such as the one seen below. This beautiful print, seen below, provides a pop of expression. Schroeder provides a wide-variety of wallpaper that sets a modern, contemporary, traditional or even fun (!) tone to any space.

To purchase tickets or get more information about the 26th Annual AIA Austin Homes Tour click here.
Tickets go on sale Sept. 1st and are $30 in advance, $35 the weekend of the tour. Advance tickets are available online, at AIA Austin, and at the Lake Travis RealtyAustin office, 2418 RR 620 South Ste. 200, Lakeway, TX and Zinger Hardware, 4001 N Lamar, Ste 300, Austin, TX.