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Chic Entertainment Room: popcorn and movies in style

Entertainment rooms are a great place to come together with family or friends to enjoy a good movie or enjoy tasty snacks and refreshments. In a recent project, Butter Lutz Interiors with Schroeder Carpet, created an ultra-stylish and chic media room with dark, rich grays. Using Milliken’s Delicate Frame, Butter Lutz created a cozy but stylish room.  The carpet, purchased through Schroeder, is a low pile Stainmaster nylon. This carpet is great for high traffic areas and is easily cleanable.

Milliken has some wonderful and fun designs. The company layers patterns upon patterns to create imaginative designs. The muted colors create perfect palettes for your home or office. Explore Milliken’s designs here.

Delicate Frame:





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The above project was designed by Butter Lutz Interiors.

Photos by Patrick Wong.

Black and White Fun

Black and white can be fun! In a recent project by Butter Lutz Interiors, Milliken’s Stitches was used to create a beautiful palette that helped set the tone for the whole room. The carpet, purchased through Schroeder, is a low pile Stainmaster nylon. This carpet is great for high traffic areas and is easily cleanable.

Milliken has some wonderful and fun designs. The company layers patterns upon patterns to create imaginative designs. The muted colors create perfect palettes for your home or office. Explore Milliken’s designs here.


1912CuevodeOro-83 (1)


1912CuevodeOro-87 (1)


1912CuevodeOro-88 (1)


1912CuevodeOro-89 (1)


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Photos by: Patrick Wong

Design by: Butter Lutz Interiors (thanks!)

Stanton’s New Wilton Collection

Stanton‘s new wilton collection offers a variety of beautiful designs for your home. These designs from the Pacific Villa Collection are made of wool and polyester. These styles are stain resistant, anti-static, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Make an appointment with Schroeder today so that you can see these gorgeous styles in person!


Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.29.29 AM




Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.29.19 AM



Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.28.49 AM



Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.28.30 AM

emma gardner design: custom area rugs for a unique you

Emma Gardner Design‘s custom area rug collection is at Schroeder! This collection features vibrant designs that range for geometric to flower designs. Gardner’s area rugs are 100% hand knotted Tibetan wool and silk and certified by GoodWeave. (Side note: GoodWeave’s founder Kailash Satyarthi won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for his effort to end child labor.)

Back to Emma! Though each design in her collection has been carefully crafted with an artistic eye, customers can make changes to the size, color and material (wool v silk) so that the rug can perfectly fit the size, mood or use of a space. Customers can even create their own design! With the help of Gardner, you can create your own piece of handcrafted art work.

Below are examples from her gorgeous collection. egd14 egd13 egd12 egd11 egd10 egd9 egd8 egd7 egd6 egd5 egd4 egd2 egd1



Interested in an Emma Gardner Rug? Call us today to make an appointment so that we can help you find the best rug for your home or space!


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Stair runner: is it right for you?

Many people who have hardwood floors with staircases at some point ask, do I need a stair runner?

For some, a stair runner is a solution to a practical problem. Many customers call to say they have a child that is starting to walk and they are worried they may fall on (or even down) the stairs. Others are concerned about slipping on the wood while going down the stairs or the noise caused by shoes when going up and down stairs.  For all of these concerns, a stair runner is a great solution. Yes, a stair runner is a great way to muffle the sounds and soften wood stairs.

For others, a stair runner is a solution to an aesthetic problem. Some people, just don’t like bare stairs. A stair runners only purpose can be that it warms up the space. Plain wood stairs can be cold and stark. A stair runner can be like eye candy in a living room, a focal point in a hallway and an attention-getter in the foyer.

Stair runners can be practical, fun, whimsical, sophisticated, brazen and beautiful. Schroeder makes custom stair runners. You want wool or nylon? Pink or blue? Flowers or stripes? We have it all AND anything is possible. Take a look at some of the past stair runners we have done for our wonderful clients. Each of these were custom made for the client and installed by our professional team. Enjoy!




Staircase Rug


Staircase Rug from Schroeder Carpet






flatweave stairs 1








Shroeder Stair Runner new-14





Most of the photos above were taken by Trent Lee Photography, some with an iPhone. Schroeder is located near downtown Austin just south of Barton Springs. Call us to make an appointment. Let us help you create a fabulous looking set of stairs!!



Media Room: Glamour and Geometrics

Media rooms are a great way to have a little fun with your flooring. This customer was drawn to the geometric design of Nourison’s Manhattan collection. The carpet is 100% New Zealand wool. It’s a thick, cut pile and that feel luxurious under your feet.

Call and make an appointment so that you can learn more about Nourison’s beautiful wool products.


Traditional with a splash of color (and fun)!

We just finished a great photo shoot at a wonderful client’s house. She has an eye for style, color, patterns and more.

Here’s just a quick glimpse of the best of the best. More posts to follow soon!


This room features Stark Carpet’s Embroidery in green.




The bathroom feature’s Couristan’s Chesapeake in Nautical Blue.







This bedroom features Stark Carpet’s Beaton in blue and white.






The stair runner is a looped wool in a tiger print.


A sisal diamond hall runner from Stark.


Nourison: Wool stair runner on a staircase

Schroeder recently finished a photo shoot of a beautiful stair runner we installed recently. The custom made stair runner is a Nourison cut-pile wool. This dense and beautiful material is prefect for a stair runner because it will hold up to heavy traffic and clean easily. Call and make an appointment with Schroeder today so that you can find out how you can have a beautiful stair runner just like this!







runner4 copy





Schroeder is a high-end flooring store located near downtown Austin. Call to make an appointment today! 512-462-1551



Zebra Staircase: two different ways to carpet the stairs

We recently installed Masland‘s Kenya in Sterling for a client’s set of stairs. We installed both wall-to-wall carpet for a staircase and a stair runner. What’s the difference? Take a look below.

Wall-to-wall carpeting for a stair case:

As you can see in the photo below, the stairs are bare. Our installers have removed the existing carpet and have installed new pad on the tops of the stairs.

In these photos, the installers are in the process of installing the carpet wall-to-wall on the staircase. The carpet is going from wall to wall.



Look how great it looks:







Stair runner:


For the bottom set, the client only needed a stair runner. A stair runner allows you to still enjoy the beauty of the wood while also enjoying the comfort and safety of a stair runner. Like all stair runners, this one is custom made.







Schroeder is located near downtown Austin on South Lamar Boulevard. We are open Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Call and make an appointment so that we can help you find the best solution for your stairs!

Preview: Miliken’s NEW Styles!

Milken’s new styles are almost here and we are very excited about them!

Here is a preview of some of our favorite ones.

Backdrop: Small scale motifs can add a layer of interest and texture to a room. Show your flair for comfortable elegance with a casual stitch design. Rendered in multicolored threads, the eight (8) varied colorations keep things inviting and relaxed.



  Cantera: Inspired by artistic watercolor washes, this transitional design couples texture and shape to a home’s modern sensibility or more rustic attitude.  Six multicolored palettes add depth and subtle variation.

Cantera_miliken   Charthouse: This beautiful beaded lattice design adds a touch of glamour to any living space. Developed in ten colorations ranging from traditional to modern, this design can seamlessly connect with any style.

Charthouse_miliken Eyelet: This simple two-toned design yields a look that is simple, clean and graphic. Its nine (9) colors, from soft neutrals to clear pastels, naturally encourage an interior that is geared for enjoyment.


Greyfriar Pastels: There is nothing more inviting than a cheerful pop of color. An upbeat mix of pastel shades and plaid patterning yield a time-honored look with plenty of personality. Offered in six (6) pastel combinations.

Greyfriar Pastel_miliken

Merge: Bring modern luxury to your interior with the artful lines of this overlapping circle design. Minimal and clean, this design is offered in nine colors that range from soft and subtle to bold and graphic.


Petal: Optimistic and happy, Petal is meant to bring a smile to your face.  Designed in nine (9) soft pastel shades, this two-toned floral paisley print lends a playful and youthful energy to any room.


Sonora: Let this traditional ethnic pattern lend an exotic and worldly flair to your home. The quiet and melodious palette includes seven (7) shades that encourage a natural approach to decorating.


Spectra: Release your carefree mood and upbeat sensibility with this energetic pattern. Eight (8) shades ranging from Aloe to Silver Mist will turn a blank canvas into a hip retreat.