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Schroeder is a sponsor of the Modern Home Tour Austin 2013

Schroeder is a sponsor for this year’s Modern Home Tour Austin. We are looking forward to some great houses.

More about the tour:

Each year the Austin Modern Home Tour features spectacular homes from some of Austin’s premier modern architects and a selection of modern homes currently on the Austin market. These homes represent a forward movement to introduce more modern designs to Austin and provide visitors with the chance to experience the modern lifestyle. (From: Modern Home Tour Austin)

The tour is Saturday, February 2, 2013. Tickets can be purchased online or at the event. To find out more, please visit:

Schroeder’s favorite house is the Cortona house. Schroeder partnered with Butter Lutz Interiors to provide high quality products for a beautifully designed house. See you on the home tour!

Cortona House on the Modern Home Tour Austin 2013



Stripe Mania!

Stripes are cool. Stripes are fun. Stripes are IN!

Striped carpet is a fun choice for any room in your house. Positioned in the correct way, stripes can make a room look longer or wider. It can be a classic or whimsical element in a space.

Most importantly, striped carpet can create a strong design base in a room. Below are a few examples of bold and colorful stripes. The vibrant colors ground the color scheme for the room, but also allow for the different design elements in the room to stand out. You can choose one color in the set of stripes to play off of to give the room a rich design that has depth and warmth. This can be seen in the three room scenes below. Of course you can install the carpet wall-to-wall or create a large custom area rug.

The striped carpets below are available at Schroeder. Make an appointment today!

Staircases: Creating a Stair Runner That’s For You!

If you have a wood staircase, chances are you have considered a stair runner. A runner on a wood staircase can help you avoid potential slips and falls that can occur on smooth bare wood. For families with small children, it’s an excellent way to help child-safe stairs. A runner on a wood staircase can also add warmth and character to a space. Additionally, a runner can help muffle noises that wood stairs can cause.

The look and design:
Choosing the look and design of the carpet runner you will use for your staircase is the most exciting part of this process. You need to decide how you want your stair runner to look in comparison to the rest of your house. Runners can blend in with a space or they can be a bold statement.

Below are two examples of stair runners that blend in with the overall design aesthetic of the room. Each runner has a beautiful pattern, but does not compete with the other design elements.

staircase runner_Austin
Both photos are from Schroeder projects in Austin, Texas.

Sometimes it’s fun to be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone.  Below are two examples of runners that do just that. These runners in animal print and stripes are adventurous yet still offer a sophisticated look.

staircase runner_Austin2
(L) Schroeder project in Austin, Texas (R) Interior Design by Sage Design Studio Inc., photo by Leslie Goodwin Photography on Houzz
The feel:

Besides deciding on the look and design of the carpet, you also need to decide on the feel, or the material of the carpet. Because you are creating your own stair runner, you can choose from many types materials. Carpets range from synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropylene to natural fibers such as wool and sisal. Of course there are many blends of natural and synthetic materials to choose from as well. Carpet made of synthetic materials like nylon and polypropylene can offer stain protection such as Stainmaster that will allow for easier cleaning and maintenance. These can be ideal if the staircase has a lot of foot traffic. A more natural fiber such as wool, can be extremely strong and durable and have a long lifetime. An alternative material commonly used is sisal, a natural grass that offers an organic look and feel but can be just as durable.

The odds and ends: to serging or binding and carpet application:

After you have chosen the carpet for your stair runner, you will need to decide what you will do with the edges of the carpet. Typically there are two options: serging and binding. Serging is taking yarn or a thick thread and wrapping the edge of the rug. Binding is taking a material (cotton, linen, leather or a mix) and sandwiching the edge. This is typically done with sisal stair runners. Our staff at Schroeder can help you decide what method is best for you based on your material, budget and lifestyle.

Sisal stair runners with binding and serging.
(L) Sisal runner with binding: by The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design on Houzz
(R) Sisal runner with serging: by Thom Filicia Inc. on Houzz

Finally you will need to decide how you want the carpet runner attached to your wood stairs. Different methods include glueing carpet and tacking carpet to the wood. At Schroeder, we prefer to tack the carpet to the wood as it is the least invasive. Should you decide to remove or change your carpet stair runner after tacking it to the wood, you will only need to fill in the small tack holes left in the wood. Glueing the carpet could create severe damage to the wood if you remove the carpet later. Please note that decorative stair rods are just that: decorative. They do not serve a function because the carpet will already be tacked or glued to the wood. We have an assortment of stair rods to choose from.

Creating your own stair runner is exciting and fun. The staff at Schroeder will walk you through the process from choosing the design and material to installation of the runner. Make an appointment today and see what a difference a stair runner can make!


Colors for the New Year!

Pantone’s color report for 2013 is out and the new colors are beautiful and vibrant! They symbolize a balancing act between classic and new, vibrant and grounded colors. These hues are meant for us to find a sense of calm and tranquility in our hectic and busy lives.

2013’s colors: Dusk Blue, Emerald, Grayed Jade, Tender Shoots, Lemon Zest, African Violet, Linen, Monaco Blue, Nectarine and Poppy Red.




Although these colors are fashion colors, they can easily be translated into your house. How? Here are our top four colors and the products that we think would complement them well.


#1 Emerald

Emerald is THE color of the year. Expect to see this green hue on the catwalk and at home! Emerald is a sophisticated color that is lively and radiant. Not only does the color bring us closer to Mother Nature but it also gives a sense of well-being.


The color emerald is paired with two funky wallpapers: palm trees and malachite. Wallpaper can be eclectic and fun! This beautiful hardwood floor by DuChateau showcases the natural patterns and beauty of wood. All these products are available at Schroeder.


#2 Nectarine

Nectarine is reminiscent of 2012’s color of the year (Tangerine Tango), though Nectarine is a little more muted and soft. The color can also be described as a citrus color with undertones of coral. This color can easily stand alone in a room or it can be an accent such as wallpaper, area rug or accent pillows.



This orange hue is paired with an orange Missoni sisal rug and a coral Moroccan-inspired wallpaper. Also shown is emma gardner‘s area rug. This beautiful rug is hand-knotted Tibetan wool and Chinese silk and can be custom made into any size and is available at Schroeder.

#3 Monaco Blue

Monaco Blue is a classic color. The blue hue is soft and restrained yet vibrant and cheerful. This is the perfect color to pair with any of the colors mentioned above as it goes with all of them. Monaco Blue represents stability and serenity in any room.


Monaco Blue is paired with a greek key designed blue wool carpet from STARK and a geometric blue wallpaper. This exotic-looking hardwood from DuChateau is two toned and makes for a dramatic yet beautiful floor. All of the products are available at Schroedrer.

#4 Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest is a beautiful and bright hue of yellow. It can add a refreshing element to any room. This lively color can be paired with basic colors to add happiness and cheer. We think that Lemon Zest is going to be big in 2013!


This beautiful yellow hue is paired with two modern wallpapers. Today’s wallpaper isn’t just stripes and flowers but exciting and modern designs! Also paired with Lemon Zest is a wool area rug that would bring a cheerful lift to a room! All the products are available at Schroeder.


A New Year? A New Look? A New Area Rug!

For most, the New Year signals the time to make a change and shake things up! Why not shake things up at home with a new area rug? Area rugs are a great way to make a subtle or (sometimes) not-so-subtle change to a room. What’s wonderful about an area rug is that it is a non-permanent change to a room and allows you to keep up with a current trend, adjust to a new lifestyle or just go with your instinct!

Do you like bright and bold area rugs? Soft and warm? Or fun and whimsical? Whatever style you like, Schroeder has it! Even if you are not really sure, come by and talk to us. We can help you decide what material, size and pattern is best for your budget, design taste and lifestyle. Come by or call to make an appointment today!



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Eclectic Home Office design by Austin Interior Designer Butter Lutz Interiors, LLC

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